ulūlu bodysuit with woman longboard surfer

✨Year One Highlight No. One ✨

The Ulūlu Bodysuit was our #1 Bestseller in 2021. This design took months to perfect and it was worth all the time, energy, and countless drafts to make it just right.

Ulūlu refers to all things growing, increasing and spreading.  The ʻulu tree, or breadfruit, is a symbol of growth and has been a staple for Hawaiians for nearly a thousand years. ʻUlu fruits are eaten, wood used for homes and canoes, bark made into cloth, and sap used for medicine and waterproofing. ʻUlu can live for a century and produce hundreds of pounds of fruit annually. When a child is born, an ʻulu tree is often planted for a lifetime of abundance.  

E ulu kākou ē!

In itʻs first year Ulūlu has traveled as far as France, photos are coming in from near and far, and it holds a full 5 star rating. This is something we could have never even dreamed of in just one year and oh how we love to dream big! 

Mahalo to each and everyone of you who were a part of why this design has come to life. We are really here for you and we are nothing without this community, this growing collective of conscious consumers + shoppers, and nā koa ʻāina aloha.

Special MAHALO to @alihuxman for taking this insane photo of @rachaeladab and to you @marissaamillerr for thinking of us when gifting your hostesses.

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