Noe ʻUla

Noe ʻUla


creamy pink swimsuit for mom and daughter with head lei on the beach

Noe ʻUla represents life's abundance experienced through connection and simplicity.⁠

In the first light of dawn we can witness lifeʻs never-ending yearning to grow, blend, and multiply while ultimately giving back to itself. ⁠

This artwork is a collection of single line drawings, where the entire image is created using one, unbroken line. This technique is referred to as line art. For artists it can be a way to simplify the complex world around us. ⁠

ʻUlu was chosen as the manifestation of this experience as 'Ulu is more than just a source of food. Translated it means “to grow, build, and/or inspire.” It is also the embodiment of ancient ancestors, deities and gods whom, like each human and each grain of sand, has descended from the many who came before… Forever connected.

This Lāpule 2.13.22 an entire collection of mindfully produced LOLE ʻAUʻAU (swimwear) for the whole 'ohana in Noe 'Ula will drop online @ 9AM with a small batch of bodysuits available TOMORROW at our first popup of 2022 @alohahomemarket and @toandfromboutique on da Valley isle! ✨✨✨ ⁠

With all the gratitude we have we mahalo @alanayatesphoto 📸 + @jomamacamara 🌕 for sharing creative space with us.

#onepaahawaii #noeula #loleauau #ohana

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