Beneath Konahuanui

The growing support continues to humble us each and every day. We are beyond fortunate to have friends, family and many who came before us helping us find our way. We owe any and all good we do to our community, family and all those who reached out to kokua. If/when we make mistakes, that is on us. We will always work to learn forward and improve each step of the way.

The connections are many when it comes to making anything work. It is never just one person, or one family. With that, we want to take a moment to reintroduce ourselves knowing that we are just a small piece of a greater puzzle:


My name is Nitasha Lyman-Mersereau and this is my kāne and keikikāne, Kaniela and Paʻa. We are the creators behind our small shop, Onepaʻa Hawaiʻi. Based beneath the emerald Kuahiwi, Konahuanui in Mānoa Valley, we do much of our work from the home where Kanielaʻs ʻohana has been for generations. I was raised on the beautiful island of Maui. 

Onepaʻa represents our love and adoration for our favorite creation in his favorite elements while also expressing the unwavering aloha, identity values and roots that have been shaped by our island home, this island earth. 

It was a routine day at the beach on the windward side of the Koʻolau mountains that had us considering the way each grain of sand sticks, holds, attaches and embraces our skin and clothes. Just like the waves and wind that shape them, each beach is different, but similar. Sand moves with time as time moves with sand. "It is an interesting play on words" a close friend who is a fluent ʻolelo hawaiʻi speaker and academic told us. She spoke of the way the sounds connected to the powerful words of Queen Liliʻuokolani: "E ʻonipaʻa i ka ʻimi naʻauao," which may be translated to be steadfast in the seeking of knowledge. This is the way. In considering one as sand, home and time there is inspiration to remain solid, but also be able to adjust with time and context. Perspective abounds when you take a moment to really SEE and FEEL each grain of sand... 

These manaʻo stick with us as we consider our story so far:

We began designing and creating custom quilts for general household use and children, which then grew to full size XL bedding...

Our quilt orders swiftly outgrew our capacity so we took pause to find a smoother path forward so we could honor the balance of family time and work in these times of consistent inconsistency. 

Creative space emerged and more ideas flooded our realms: Experimental designs and products we had no idea would work came to life. I was terrified, Kaniela my rock, and you all SHOWED UP. 


Today, our products include plastic-alternative home goods, functional and affordable swimwear for the whole ʻohana, plastic free graphic tees, organic clothing for keiki, and so much more fun mea kine things!

We are working hard to bring back our quilts, we have a line of ʻEke we are preparing to launch, we are moving the production of our baby onesies to being #madeinhawaii and expanded into the small batch arena with our Ulu Ehuehu Organic Keiki Denim Jacket dropping mid September. 

Finally, our wholesale catalog is REDEH. Mahalo to the local businesses who were the reason why I was able to prioritize this opportunity. 

Growth and change is happening. At the end of the day, we want you to know that you are the reason why this is possible. Mahalo for making space and time for us. 

aloha wale nō

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