Nā Onekea Recycled Bikini Top, Pō'aiapuni
Nā Onekea Recycled Bikini Top, Pō'aiapuni
Nā Onekea Recycled Bikini Top, Pō'aiapuni

Onepaʻa Hawaiʻi

Nā Onekea Recycled Bikini Top, Pō'aiapuni

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Mana'o Pō'aiapuni 

Follow the various paths from sea to sky to soil to stream to tree to cloud to earth to caves. The cycles go on. We must engage with this system of ho'opō'aiapuni, to recycle: creating new from old. Creating use from waste.

Pō'aiapuni is a collection of swimwear crafted from post consumer recycled materials, primarily plastic bottles. These suits hold a timeless beauty with their clean lines, clasp free top, mix + match capabilities, and high-waisted high-thigh style reminiscent of the 80ʻs, improved.  

Each one of the Pō'aiapuni bikinis were made from REPREVE certified fabric which means;

- Post consumer recycled materials including plastic bottles were used to create the material these suits are made from,

- these materials were given a second life, 

- virgin oil resource consumption was avoided,

- fewer greenhouse gases were emitted,

- and... water + energy were conserved in this process,

which makes a BIG difference for our future.


Suit Features

• Designed in Mānoa, Hawai'i
• Top features removable padding
• Bottoms feature a high-waist, high-thigh cut of the 80ʻs

• 81% REPREVE recycled polyester, 19% LYCRA XTRALIFE 

• Double-layered
• Tear-away care label
• Smooth binding, i.e. no clasps or ties 
• Zig-zag stitching for extra strength
• Strong durable material

*This swimsuit is not meant to be reversible


One (pronounced oh•neigh/eng. sand) has a mysterious and universal effect on us, humans. We draw lines in it and upon it. We build castles in it and kingdoms upon it. Sand carves lines through our conscious, it calls out to us with stories of connection and of our creation. As a global species, Sand lies deep in our cultural conscious and today it is one of the most important solid substances on earth.

Our new colorway of Noe ʻUla is dedicated to our namesake. It is designed to uplift and give a voice, however small it may be for now, to that which is both minuscule and infinite, a means of measurement and a substance beyond measuring, a hero of sorts and a natural resource that we, unknowingly, cannot live without - NĀ ONEKEA, or white sands.

Onekea is a rendition of Noe 'Ula, or pink mist, which was first inspired by the colors of dawn witnessed while holding my son's hand on an empty beach beside a malie sea. In that first light we sat, walked, dipped our toes in the ocean and observed lifeʻs never-ending yearning to grow, change, blend, multiply, and to give back. 

Noe 'Ula represents lifeʻs abundance experienced through connection and simplicity.⁠⁠

This artwork is a collection of single line drawings, where the entire image is created using one, unbroken line. This technique is referred to as line art. For artists it can be a way to simplify the complex world around us. ⁠

'Ulu was chosen as the manifestation of this experience as 'Ulu is more than just a source of food. Translated it means “to grow, build, and/or inspire.” It is also the embodiment of ancient ancestors, deities and gods whom, like each human and each grain of sand, it has descended from those who came before… Forever connected.

** A NOTE ON SIZING - If you find yourself in between sizes it is safest to size down + in any case if it does not fit correctly we are happy to provide an exchange as long as it remains unused. Or send us a message in the chat bubble with your height, weight, bust, waist, and hips and we will get back to you with a size recommendation.

Size guide - Imperial (US)

Chest (inches) 33 ⅛ 34 ⅝ 36 ¼ 39 ⅜ 42 ½ 45 ⅝ 48 ⅞
Waist (inches) 25 ¼ 26 ¾ 28 ⅜ 31 ½ 34 ⅝ 37 ¾ 41
Hips (inches) 35 ⅜ 37 38 ⅝ 41 ¾ 44 ⅞ 48 51 ⅛


Size guide - Metric (...the rest of the world)

Chest (cm) 84 88 92 100 108 116 124
Waist (cm) 64 68 72 80 88 96 104
Hips (cm) 90 94 98 106 114 122 130
Nā Onekea Recycled Bikini Top, Pō'aiapuni