Noe 'Ula Lole 'Au'au, SWIM ʻŌpio Rash Guard (Youth)
Noe 'Ula Lole 'Au'au, SWIM ʻŌpio Rash Guard (Youth)
Noe 'Ula Lole 'Au'au, SWIM ʻŌpio Rash Guard (Youth)

Onepaʻa Hawaiʻi

Noe 'Ula Lole 'Au'au, SWIM ʻŌpio Rash Guard (Youth)

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Noe 'Ula represents lifeʻs abundance experienced through connection and simplicity.⁠⁠

Noe 'Ula, pink mist, was inspired by the first colors of dawn witnessed while holding my son's hand on an empty beach beside a malie sea. In that first light we sat, walked, dipped our toes in the ocean and observed lifeʻs never-ending yearning to grow, change, blend, multiply, and to give back. 

This artwork is a collection of single line drawings, where the entire image is created using one, unbroken line. This technique is referred to as line art. For artists it can be a way to simplify the complex world around us. ⁠

'Ulu was chosen as the manifestation of this experience as 'Ulu is more than just a source of food. Translated it means “to grow, build, and/or inspire.” It is also the embodiment of ancient ancestors, deities and gods whom, like each human and each grain of sand, it has descended from those who came before… Forever connected.


Forego sunscreen and protect your littles in this buttery smooth versatile long-sleeve rash guard.

Great and functional lole ʻauʻau swimwear for the whole family. With a UPF 50+ this rashgaurd will protect your babies from overexposure to the sun. It is also great to reduce wind exposure and other various elements while surfing, paddling, swimming, participating in beach sports etc. The slim fit, flat ergonomic seams, and the longer body make this rash guard highly functional while maintaining comfort.

• Designed locally in Hawaiʻi
• Made in North America
• 82% polyester, 18% spandex
• Soft four-way stretch fabric that stretches and recovers after many uses
• Fitted design
• UPF 50+
• Comfortable longer body and sleeves
• Flatseam and coverstitch


Designed in Hawaiʻi, printed and ships in North America directly to you. Shipping direct from the printer to your home reduces the amount of resources, oil and carbon needed to ship your items. Packaging materials are also considerably reduced as items are not unwrapped and rewrapped in our specific company materials. Thus resources are not wasted. You can expect to see your package in 1.5-2 weeks. 

 *These are made from the same buttery smooth material of our loved bodysuits. As with any bathing suit please avoid velcro or snagging as it will slightly alter the appearance of the design. If this does happen do not toss as it is still very high quality lole ʻauʻau.


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Noe 'Ula Lole 'Au'au, SWIM ʻŌpio Rash Guard (Youth)