Collection: ʻĀina Aloha Lifestyles

What if we told you that we can all be koa ʻāina aloha by being more conscious consumers? 💲🌱🌎 ⁠
Everything we use and purchase maintains a lifespan and, unfortunately today, often affects ʻāina negatively when we are done with it resulting in a detriment to our own survival as a human species. Many of us did not choose this and it is just a consequence of others trying to make life more convenient, BUT we are now seeing the existential crisis our continued habits of convenience have caused. ⁠
To begin, start today by asking yourself before you make any purchase, "Where is this going to end up when I am done with it?" "What will this become long after I throw it away?" ⁠
Our collective choices have power to either create and consume products that burden the earth and sea, or return the energy back to the natural cycle that feeds us.⁠
No one is perfect, some are ahead of others and we all have a long way to go. ⁠
In this collection you will find plastic alternatives from renewable resources and 100% cotton plastic free apparel and textiles.
We CAN do this if it is done together through encouragement, support, and a conscious shift to put ʻāina aloha at the center of our lifestyles!⁠